TRÓCAIRE Lenten Campaign

This Lent, we learn more about the suffering of people who have lost their homes and loved ones to war, and how they are rebuilding their lives through love, friendship and solidarity.

South Sudan is the world’s newest country, having gained independence from Sudan in 2011 after many years of conflict. However, in December 2013 a civil war broke out between rival political factions. Almost four hundred thousand people – equivalent to every person in Kildare and Meath – were killed during this conflict.

A peace agreement was signed in September 2018, but fighting continues in many parts of the country. About 3.8 million people in South Sudan – one in every three people – fled their homes and remain displaced within South Sudan or are living as refugees in neighbouring countries to this day.

Trócaire works with local partners in South Sudan to provide: Emergency aid such as food, water and sanitation and hygiene items; Seeds, tools and agricultural training to help people grow their own food; Counselling support to help people overcome the trauma they have experienced; Promoting peaceful coexistence between all the people of South Sudan.

Lives have been torn apart by a war they never wanted. This is the injustice of war. It is not just that people lost their homes. It is not just that they truggle each day to survive. They are supporting each other but they are living in fear, and it is not just.

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